Thursday, September 22, 2011

Custom Artwork for Rhett's Nursery

We are making progress on the nursery and working on custom artwork for the walls. Here are a few ideas we are tossing around.

My Grandmother Lillian's famous quote

In honor of Mr. Giraffe in the nursery, I scoured through all of my favorite Frank songs to find this rare gem. Ironically, this song was written within a month of Patrick and I being born in 1981.

Loved this find from Pinterest - I reworked the quote to incorporate Rhett's signature pattern.

Compliments of my dear friend, Erin from Be True Designs. She designed this handsome artwork for my upcoming baby shower invitation. LOVE.

My daddy and I danced to Moon River on my wedding day so I found this was fitting. Johnny Mercer is from Savannah and I grew up playing the piano out of my mom's old Mancini piano book.

My husband picked out this song lyric from one of his favorite bands, The Blue Dogs.

and last but not least, our own cameos as children around the same age 

I'm also breaking out the watercolors to work on 4 how-to prints:
How to tie a bowtie like a southern gentleman...
How to tie a square knot like a good fisherman...
How to throw a curve ball like Daddy...
How to shag like your parents...

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