Monday, October 22, 2007

Initial Door Mat

My wonderful friend, Mary Ann, picked up the greatest little gift for me! It's a welcome door mat with an initial disk that fits in the center. She found it at a little store in Columbia, but I found a similar mat Lowe's for all you who have been asking where it came from! Such a good friend!

Who's that Doggie in the Window?

I finally found the perfect collar and leash for Bailey. Of course, (the nerd that I am) bought it a couple of months ago awaiting the moment that she would fit into the adult size. The day has arrived! Check out Bailey McCarthy sporting her Irish appropriate Shamrock collar. I found the set at the cutest website Liz and I saw this line at the mart earlier this year quickly jotted down the name. (of course we were supposed to be looking at lolita wine glasses!). Bailey will definitely be ready for her 1st St. Patrick's Day this year!

Friday, October 19, 2007

One of my favorite Things for Cold Weather

I absolutely HAVE to share one of my favorite things for cold weather. I love the moment when it just gets chilly and I get to pull out my boucle sweaters from Victoria's Secret. I can't even recall how many colors I have, but I absolutely LOVE these sweaters. No matter how many times you wash them, they don't shrink (even after a couple mistakingly made it through a dryer cycle). For those of you with long arms and torsos (like myself), this is the sweater for you. No more sweaters turning into bracelet sleeve lengths! check out the styles and colors at

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Southern Proper (...and charm, too!)

Okay, I definitely couldn't start a blog without mentioning my FAV men's accessory! BOWTIES! My favorites are from - you don't get much cuter than this! The company began by a couple of southern belles and boy, have they turned the most simply concept into a southern pheonoma. From tailgates at SEC games to fundraisers, these chicks are everywhere! Patrick sports his favorite bowtie, the pink with sailfish. It's been a big hit at weddings. They even make women's headbands (the black lab is a favorite of my friend, Liz.).

Great gifts...

I have a few favorite websites that I love to order graduation gifts, baby gifts and birthday presents. One of them being: . They deliver pretty quick (well...that is for personalized items) and I've always been happy with the results. I ordered these monogrammed photo albums for all the graduating senior girls this past spring. They all loved them and they are such a great price!

For the last baby gift, I ordered these adorable onesies.

Welcoming myself to blogging...

Good evening everyone! Well...this is my first attempt at blogging. If this is like all of my other passions, I should be really passionate about this for a few months, then fall off the face of the earth into another fun project. We'll see I guess. I plan to just post my favorite things...whether those are places, cute websites, my favorite blogs...whatever the case may be. For starters, I'm going to post my passion for design. As a full-time designer for Swoozie's, I'll share a little about what takes up every second of my day! I LOVE this job, I doesn't even feel like work. And what better rewards, that I get to purchse the cutest stuff in America! Shop our website to see what I'm talking about...