Friday, September 4, 2009

this week's favorites : 9.4.09

Just a few of my new favorite things:

Pandora Radio - it's free and fabulous!
Type in your favorite artist, genre or song and it generates a radio station geared towards your liking! My favorites: Frank Sinatra, Twilight (yes, I said it!), Bob Marley, Andrea Bocelli

A new dress from Urban Outfitters, I'm wearing it today paired with a bright yellow vintage necklace that my friend from Charleston gave me!

A new jumper from Urban Outfitters - I wasn't sure, but then put it on and it's super comfy but yet chic and avante-garde!
Lemon Infused Oil that I picked up at my friend, Scotti's, Tastefully Simple Party...
Toss in pasta and great cooking with chicken or fish!
I LOVEEEEEE this candle from Seda France. It fills the entire house with this great refreshing scene! Locals can pick one up at Glow Medspa and Beauty Boutique!


the southern hostess said...

I love Pandora and that dress is adorable! I just came across your blog and am so enjoying it. AND, I'm a Savannah native! Glad I found you.

Trellis said...

I love Pandora! Another great one that is completely free (b/c Pandora runs out after 30 hrs a month) is! I listen to it at home and school! My faves are James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Bill Withers...I'm such a Motown girl! :)

A Wedding Story said...

Yummy, I love Seda candles!