Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmastime is my favorite time of the year! Since I work in retail, Christmas doesn't really seem to end since we begin working on next Christmas after this Christmas is over! But, I DO enjoy when the actual season gets here because you get to enjoy what the season is really about - family, friends, spending time together, baking treats for the people in your life, helping the less fortunate and of course, that little baby Jesus! We have a few collections going on in our house that you see 1) our Nutcracker collection or what we like to call "Our Army!" 2) Patrick's Dicken's Village that his mom started when he was young, 3) the many entertaining pieces that I've collected over the years and 4) our little Irish Angels. Enjoy!


Kate said...

Oh my gosh I love the polka dots! The table looks gorgeous with the red and white.

JMW said...

Just catching up on my favorite blogs and have to say I just adore your decorations - your house is lovely! Happy New Year!

LuLu said...

Where did you get your stockings?

savannah redtops said...

the stockings came from Swoozie's a couple of years ago!

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