Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beautiful Patterns+Chic Designs=Whitney English

Back in college, I attended the scrapbooking temps at the Atlanta Mart with Robin Morris from The Added Touch in LaGrange (Props to Robin for starting my interest in stationery!). This preppy little blonde grabbed our attention with her fabulous patterns, colors and products and her name was Whitney English. Whitney and I kept in touch via email as I watched her paper company grow into the empire it is today. I always tell people, I knew her before she was FAMOUS! I'm so proud of her accomplishments, what a FAB company she has created, look for her designs at Swoozie's or at any paper specialty shop. Also, check her new newest company addition, HICKS Paper


A Belle and her Beau said...

hey girl ... its Laura Lynn! It is so random that I checked your blog today (I thought you quit blogging) and you were talking about my mama! I started a blog back in August so you can check it out. It just sort of chronicles our life as newlyweds. I have a pretty lg. circle of blogger friends that would really enjoy yours as well - you could get some business :) Hope you are well!!!

JMW said...

Love Whitney English stationery! Happy Thanksgiving!

splendid said...

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