Wednesday, November 12, 2008

another great emily

So I'm not the most diligent reader there ever was, but my friend, Liz, suggested picking up the first book by Emily Giffin, called Something Borrowed. My first impression of course is a book centered around weddings, which of course, I was not opposed to. However, much to my surprise, this book was an awakening into the world of this author and her characters' New York lifestyle. Anyone who knows me knows my love for NYC, so you can imagine me reading this book and vicariously living through the characters, Rachel and Darcy. After finishing her first book, I was HOOKED. I quickly went out and bought all of her remaining books: Something Blue (a ironic sequel to Something Borrowed, following the plotline of the monstrous Darcy), Baby Proof (Again, not at all what you anticipate, but OH SO good!) Love the One Your With, a story about long lasting love of a husband vs. the passionate off-limits affair with an ex and what always wins in the end.). If you don't get into reading, give these books a shot. I read each one within about 2 days, just couldn't put them down! Emily's writing is down to earth, young, hip and totally something you can relate to. I felt entranced in each story line like I was a character in the book. She's so fabulous! Can't wait for her next book to come out, it couldn't be any sooner!

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elizabeth said...

I'm always looking for new authors. I love Jane Greene, but have read all of hers. So I needed something new. Thanks for the suggestions. I've read them all but I just can't find her newest one. I'll have to search a little harder! Thanks again!