Monday, August 31, 2009

fabulous makeup products

Makeup is something important in all of our lives so I thought it was important to share some fabulous products that I've discovered in the past couple of months:

{ a favorite in the chapstick department: Dr. Kiss }

Available at Glow Savannah

Coloure Science Line Tamer
A fabulous primer - apply before anything else to control the appearance of lines and to create a smoother complexion. The best part: it has SPF 20!
Available at Glow Savannah

Coloure Science Foundation
My favorite mineral foundation - also, with SPF 20!
Available at Glow SavannahThe Beauty Blender
The best way to apply liquid foundation and concealer!
Wet this Beauty Blender and apply to create an airbrush finish!
Available at Glow SavannahYoung Blood Concealer
The best of the best concealer I've found! Apply with the beauty blender for perfection!
Available at Glow Savannah

Glo Bronzer
I like this better than other products because you can gradually apply it without too much going on at once - no orange faces here!
Available at Glow Savannah

Glo Gloss and Glow Shadows
I was a dedicated Mac fan until I made friends with these products. The glosses aren't as sticky, but still have the high-gloss effect with great color. The shadows have a better concentration of color and blend better!
Available at Glow Savannah
My friend, Mable Cakes, referred me to this shadow and I just love it! I love the big fat brush that comes with it. It's the kind of mascara that looks great with one coat or even more glam with a couple of coats. It doesn't clump up with multiple coats!
Glo Shimmer
The ultimate finisher to your entire face! Once I apply this last step to my makeup routine, my face just comes to life! It provides a great shimmer and all-over glow to your face! It's not shimmer like the kind of shimmer we used in middle school, but makes your skin looks absolutely radiant!
Available at Glow Savannah

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