Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh, Capri! favorite place that I've visited abroad is Capri, Italy. For those of you who haven't been yet - add it to your bucket list! This luxurious mediterranean escape is a hidden gem! Located off the coast of Sorrento and Naples, Italy, Capri is the epitome of an ultimate chic getaway. Just a few favorites of the island...

and I'm sure some of you saw the wedding story about Apprentice Winner, Bill Rancic and E! News anchor, Giuliana DePandi in Capri.

Capri is known for it's Limoncello - a sipping liquor made from infusing lemon peels with vodka and it's so yummy. Mix with sprite or tonic water - this makes a refreshing cocktail for summer. I made some for my dad's Christmas gift 2 years ago and this recipe from Martha Stewart is perfect!

Also, made from lemons is my favorite perfume which is so hard to come by in the states, but worth it! It's a company called Carthusia. We actually visited the shop and factory where they make all of their fragrances on site from the resources of the island.

Famous for the Blue Grotto, a small cave can be entered by boat and here's what you see...breathtaking:

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Jennifer said...

WOW! I really want to go here now!