Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cover It!

Well I'm excited to say that I finally got my long-awaited slipcover completed for my Nana's cream couch in the piano room. I have to say it looks FABULOUS! The Seeger girls were a pleasure to work with and provided such a great product! Now my room is finally starting to look completed...well, except for the Christmas tree that needs to be ditched by the hubby! If you live in the Savannah area and want a custom slipcover made for any piece of furniture , contact Elizabeth Seeger at Satchel! She can do couches, chairs, parson chairs, just about anything! It's a great way to update an antique or hand-me-down, and you can easily remove them for washing. Elizabeth also does custom handbags that are as beautiful as they are practical.


Preppy 101 said...

It really looks fabulous! Wish I lived in Savannah - I have 2 sofas that I love, but haven't been able to find anyone willing to do a slipcover.

alerts said...

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Kim said...

oooh... I've been looking for a place who did this. new to your blog! Cute!! You're so creative... love your work.